Startup OS
Find Zen in your
business processes
Solution designed for organizations to create a transparent information, manage strategy in real-time, and develop sustainably.
Who Can Benefit
  • Get rid of chaos and streamline processes
  • Gain a 360° view of your business
  • Define your company's mission and objectives
  • Be aware of your strategy and manage it in real-time
  • Identify weaknesses and growth opportunities in your business
  • Develop your business in a balanced and sustainable manner
🦄 Teams
👽 Founders
  • Collaborate on goals, issues, and ideas as a team
  • Establish information transparency for all team members
  • Implement a skill-based approach within your organization
  • Align your personal development trajectory with the organization's direction
  • Allocate responsibilities based on participants' skills, not positions or roles
  • Discover the most engaging tasks and growth opportunities for yourself
Experience the Benefits
📈 Strategy
A workspace that complements the strategic profile and helps manage attention to lower-level information.
💬 Chat collaboration system
📊 In-depth analytics
The comprehensive set of tools allows tracking in-depth project information, showcasing indicators to any system participants, and making data-driven decisions.
A profile with up-to-date information on goals, issues, and tactics.
🗂 Workspace
Preset of chats to structure information flows and manage them effectively.
Пример профиля
How it works?
Set up
goals and development trajectory
growth points and tactics for achieving goals
by adjusting strategy and attaining results
1. Mission & goals
We conduct a strategic session and collaboratively shape the mission, motivation, and goals of the organization.
2. Problems & Ideas
Together, we create a map of issues, ideas, and growth points.
3. Set of projects
From goals, ideas, and problems, we craft projects. The business starts operating as a set of projects and tasks, with responsibilities flexibly distributed based on the skills and motivation of participants.
∞ Your digital infrastructure
We transfer information to a digital environment and continue working with it on an ongoing basis, updating goals, addressing issues, and forming new projects.
🎯 Goals
☝️ Responsibility
📈 Analytics
Create a balanced set of goals and start managing your attention.
Efficiently distribute responsibilities among team members, increase effectiveness, and organize chaos.
Always see problems and growth points, allowing you to adjust your actions and strategy.
Easily share necessary information with other system participants, track your changes over time, and present information to potential investors in a convenient format.
🪲 Problems
Digital environment for sustainable development
The group format involves working with one founder from the project, with no more than 5 projects in the group.
Group work
Personalized tracking
  • 4 sessions with an expert;
  • Individual expert work with your data
  • Set up digital workspace in Miro and Notion for further independent work
  • Personal support at all stages of your independent work with the team
  • Access to the community
  • 4 group sessions with an expert;
  • Group work with your data in Q&A format
  • Established digital space in Miro and Notion for further work
  • Group support at all stages of your independent work with the team
  • Access to the community
The personal format involves working with all co-founders of the project.