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An ecosystem of complementary tools that help individuals and organizations unleash their potential.
Our products
Talent Intelligence
Solution designed for organizations to create a transparent information, manage strategy in real-time, and develop sustainably.
Acceleration Platform
Service for professionals that helps to reach new heights in career by systematically working with their goals, values, and skills.
Startup OS
Decentralized platform that allows participants to exchange value, record contributions, and help each other grow.
Our mission
Human - Work Fit
Make it so that every person and organization on the planet realizes their potential.
Human Work
1. Skill-Based
In today's limitless world, work is no longer confined to specific jobs, locations, or traditional employees. For over a century, jobs have been the primary framework for defining work. However, organizations are now transitioning towards a new work and workforce model that prioritizes skills over job titles.

The concept of "skills" has evolved to represent a more detailed understanding of workers as distinct individuals, each possessing a diverse range of abilities, interests, passions, motivations, work styles, location preferences, and other factors. Our mission is to ensure that this individuality serves as the foundation for work processes, fostering the growth and development of both people and the organizations they build.
2. Data-Driven
We envision a world where advanced algorithms establish a tailored work environment, perfectly aligning individuals' interests, abilities, and preferences with business requirements. By focusing on skills rather than job titles, organizations can maintain a scalable, manageable, and fairer mode of operation. We refer to this innovative approach to work and workforce management as "the skills-based organization," and the implementation process as "Human-Work Fit."
3. Decentrilized
We believe that decentralization will foster an environment that encourages a multifaceted relationship between work and skills, recognizing professionals as distinct individuals possessing a diverse skillset, whether they are on- or off-balance-sheet. To actualize this innovative strategy, complete transparency of information and processes is crucial. Presently, technology enables the portability and interoperability of skill data across organizations for the first time. This empowers businesses to recruit top talent globally, unhindered by geographical limitations, while employees can work remotely, achieving a better balance between their personal and professional lives.
4. Collaborative
Our goal is to foster a community that expands its members' opportunities, promotes collaboration, creativity, and sustainable growth for each member. We create a culture that encourages open communication, active listening, and mutual respect, leading to more effective and efficient outcomes. We create a collaborative environment to share ideas, resources, and skills, fostering a sense of community and cooperation, where each of us can reach the potential and shine where the world needs it most.
Developed Technologies
Open Communication Protocol
Open Communication Protocol (OCP) is a set of principles for data collection and processing, designed to facilitate interaction between entrepreneurs and talents. With its help, we create an open information environment for a closed decentralized community. The protocol aims to promote transparency, inclusivity, and collaboration by encouraging open dialogue and information exchange among all stakeholders.
We are working on creating a unified environment for recording agreements and maintaining a balance of project interactions within the community.
We structure and process data using an algorithm that, in the future, will enable highly accurate matching of requests and participants' capabilities, finding optimal points of interaction.
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